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The Princess and the Purl Stitch - Episode 570 - The Knitmore Girls

av Knitmoregirls's Podcast | Publicerades 4/4/2020

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On the Needles:(0:42)

Gigi is working on the French Cancan shawl in Oink Pigments dk, extra fine Superwash merino, in the

"Birthday Suit" colorway.  Gigi strung one length of beads onto   Oral B Superfloss with beads. She needs

to knit a swatch and figure out bead placement. 


Jasmin has been working on her Weekender pullover in Lisa Souza Blue Faced Leicester Worsted in

Spruce green while on video chat. She’s finished the front, and is nearly finished with the back.


Gigi  is working on yet another pair of the Vanilla is the New Black socks, out of Patons Kroy with

black and red and brown stripes. She got both socks to the toe decreases. 


Jasmin started (and is making great progress) on her Quadrat Pullover by Beautia Dew in

The Dye Project’s Ecola Worsted in “Painted Lady”. 

Jasmin got the coolest Ott-Lite.

Gigi is ready to knit the Ochre cardigan She kitted everything up, and  wound the yarn

Gigi finished The Joker and the Thief shawl.

Gigi is swatching for a fade cowl. The pattern recommended worsted yarn held double.

Gigi was swatching with  Onyx Fiber Arts fingering yarn on size 1 needles, using the Knitmore cowl as

a template, and she is using Knitcompanion


In Stitches (33:38)

Jasmin has been wearing a different handknit sweater each day, and featuring them on Instagram under

the #todaysknitoutfit hashtag

Gigi: sleeping hat, socks, Paton’s Kroy socks, she didn’t feel the purl stitches 

Genevieve: Hearthstone pullover

Go on Instagram and post what you are doing to cheer yourself up!



knitty.com   has a comprehensive list of events that have been canceled

Fender has Free guitar and Ukulele lessons 


Mother Knows Best:(35:48)

Be bold. 


When Knitting Attacks: (42:50)

Gigi's Joker and the Thief knitting attack won yarn chicken .


Gigi is wrestling with the bead placement in the lace pattern for the French Cancan


Knits In Space:(45:47)

Entertainment, culture, uplifting stuff. Virtual board games. Clue script reading.



South Bay Musical Theatre doing readings


Metropolitan Opera

Broadway HD


And Sew On:(50:24)

Gigi found a sewing UFO, it is a  white on black toile print. It is a flared skirt with lining.  

Pressed zipper open. Sewed I invisible zipper with new to me technique. Easiest way ever. Couldn’t find

textbook for technique, Got Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing off the shelf.  Doesn’t need a hemostat.

Sewed in zipper, center back seam, hemmed lining, serged bottom of hem. Pressed hems. Pinned skirt


and lining together. 


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Gigi and Jasmin co-host a knitting podcast featuring regular segments such as "On the needles", "Mother Knows Best", and "When Knitting Attacks!"