Kreolis Music World – Polin Appro Drippy DnB #128

Have you ever been on a pup crawl? Imagine yourself in one of the biggest in Helsinki among the student communities and then in the evening partying until 2 am. That is when you hear my set. Unfortunately the club owner wanted to close early. I only had 25 min to play, but I tried my best :D. #dj #kreolis #podcast #live #music #drum&bass #dnb #liquid 1 Self Control feat. Cecil Felix (Original Mix) by Interlope 2 Sometimes by Technimatic 3 Gunfinger Fam (VIP) by Inja,Serum,Voltage 4 FWD feat. Pola & Bryson (Original Mix) by Logistics 5 Glue by Bicep 6 Clarity (ft. Kemo) by Octane & DLR 7 Northern Light (Original Mix) by Mav 8 Dub Safari (Original) by S.P.Y 9 Yikes! (Lung Remix) by London Elektricity 10 Landslide (feat. Inja) (Original) by S.P.Y 11 Sooner Or Later (Original Mix) by Fourward 12 Send Your Neighbour To Space (Original Mix) by Physics

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