Grandma Lo-Fi (2011) aka Amma Lo-Fi

Halló! Things get musical in week four of Rob and Ellie's second journey through the films of Iceland.  Subtitled 'The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir', this documentary sheds light on the wonderful low-key musical life of a 70-year old lady living in a basement flat in Reykjavik. Charming and sweet, 'Grandma Lo-Fi' shows how Sigríður made her music and explores the influence she had on the Icelandic music scene. Directed by Jónsi's sister in collaboration with others, this film also features contributions from FM Belfast, Múm and Hildur Guðnadóttir. It can be watched here - Grandma Lo-Fi And Rob’s interview with Nordic Watchlist can be read here - Interview!   Please subscribe, rate and review and Follow us on Twitter @KVIKMYNDAPOD and Instagram kvikmyndapod   Artwork designed by Sophie Watts (justahappyspace)   Music by Branches Bare ('Half-light' from the EP 'In the Origami Folds of the Night You Rip the Seam of Sleep Wide Open)

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Halló! Kvikmyndapod is a film discussion podcast that journeys through the cinema of 21st century Iceland celebrating the unique films and film-makers from this most magical of countries. Each week Rob (a big fan of Iceland) and Ellie (a relative newbie to all things Iceland) tackle a single movie and chat about it. From comedies to documentaries to horror films, the podcast looks at what makes them specifically Icelandic as well as how they fit into the wider world of film.