Let Me Fall (2018) aka Lof mér að falla

Halló! In the third film discussion on their Icelandic cinema journey, Rob and Ellie stay put in Reykjavík for a stunning but tough look at the lives of drug-addicted teens in the capital. Baldvin Z's Let Me Fall takes universal modern issues and focuses on how they play out in contemporary Iceland, bringing in local stories such as the cases from the mid-2000s known as 'týndu stúlkurnar', or 'lost girls'. With fantastic performances, a killer soundtrack featuring Hatari and a score by Ólafur Arnalds, and swoonsome visuals, this is a modern classic!   Please subscribe and Follow us on Twitter @KVIKMYNDAPOD   Artwork designed by Sophie Watts (justahappyspace)   Music by Branches Bare ('Half-light' from the EP 'In the Origami folds of the Night You Rip the Seam of Sleep Wide Open)

Om Podcasten

Halló! Kvikmyndapod is a film discussion podcast that journeys through the cinema of 21st century Iceland celebrating the unique films and film-makers from this most magical of countries. Each week Rob (a big fan of Iceland) and Ellie (a relative newbie to all things Iceland) tackle a single movie and chat about it. From comedies to documentaries to horror films, the podcast looks at what makes them specifically Icelandic as well as how they fit into the wider world of film.