EP02 From Truck Driver to 2x CCIE: Interview with Dennis Bates

Episode Notes: Do you think you’re too old to get into tech? Well, you might want to rethink that after meeting Mr. Dennis Bates, who at 40 years didn’t know what a CCIE was. Life circumstances pushed him to tech and with discipline and determination, he was is now a 2x CCIE who’s had a successful career as a network engineer. In this episode of LabEveryday podcast, the host Du'An Lightfoot interviews Dennis as he shares his journey from a truck driver to becoming a CCIE in multiple networking domains. He is self-taught in whatever he knows about network engineering and has worked as an in-house employee, a contract, and now as a consultant. Listen in to learn why you shouldn’t expect to pass your CCIE exam the first time you do it but should still be well prepared. You will also learn the importance of career growth and staying current and relevant in your expertise. What You Will Learn: [2:47] Why you’re never too old to get your CCNA. [4:17] Dennis explains his journey from when he made a career shift to start using his brain for work and not his back. [9:26] The power of determination, discipline, and rising to the occasion that beats being smart. [11:11] The two CCIE exams Dennis did before passing his third plus his advice to those planning on sitting for the CCIE exam. [15:30] The type of company you should consider walking your CCIE journey with and those you should avoid. [16:25] Why Dennis reinvented his I.T. career in a different network getting his second CCIE. [18:09] The tech opportunities that opened up for him, plus why where you work as a network engineer matters. [20:54] The importance of staying current and relevant whether as a consultant or an in-house network engineer. [22:33] Why an opportunity for career growth is important than a bigger salary without it. [23:44] Dennis explains the legitimate reasons why he would change a network. [26:16] The difference in the experience he had working as an in-house network engineer overseas compared to back home. [29:08] The goals he hoped to bring into the industry when he achieved his second CCIE. [32:10] Why he believes his second CCIE may or may not have ranked his career higher. [35:06] Dennis explains the strategy they use as network engineers to make the customer trust their expertise. [36:53] The qualities that separate an excellent network engineer from a not so good one. [39:21] The inevitable present and future of network automation. [40:53] Dennis explains which between CCNA and CCMP is the needed skill to help further your I.T. career. [43:00] How to be honest about your skills and open to allowing other experts to do what you can’t. Thank you for listening! buymeacoff.ee/labeveryday

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