Ladies Power Lunch Podcast Ep. 30: Mastering Your Money Mindset with Deborah Daniel CPA.

Ladies' Power Lunch Grow Smarter: Mastering Your Money Mindset with Deborah Daniel CPA. Deborah is the most fun accountant I've ever met. Well maybe the second most fun if you count my husband? She is and outstanding speaker, is tremendously knowledgeable and puts the FUN back in M-O-N-E-Y! She is focused on educating us all about the do's and don'ts associated with our money, and is committed to helping us keep more of our revenue in order to grow our income and impact. Let us set an intention of abundance and appreciation. This is one of a series of workshops with expert money mindset facilitators. We navigate the things that hold us back from making the money we desire, discuss pricing, finances and healing our past money trauma. On this episode: We explore- What is the number one mindset shift that we must make in order to grow our wealth? What's the one mistake many of us seem to be making when it comes to our money? Why is it imperative that service based entrepreneurs need to follow their passion AND make more money? What are some things we need to be doing now, not next year but right now, to reduce our next tax bill? All this & more on this outstanding educational episode! By the way: Hi! I'm Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO of Ladies' Power Lunch - We are a movement for heart centered, source led women entrepreneurs. This series is focused on Mastering our Money Mindset, you are invited to join in, look for all the episodes in the Grow Smarter Playlist! NETWORK WITH US ONLINE:- Join our community: In our active and supportive free Facebook community every single day! & Join our retreats and summits! Would you like to know more? Explode your impact & income with the power of the collective!!! Go to:

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