Ladies Power Lunch Podcast Ep. 40 - Debbie Sodergren

Our next Ladies' Power Lunch Anthology is called: Be The Beacon. It is focused on the fact that the world needs a special kind of leader right now. The fact that this is no time to be hiding our light. Be The Beacon invites us to shine our light, share our vision, passion and purpose with the world and help raise the vibration of the planet one tiny spark at a time. Today's special guest is Debbie Sodergren, Coauthor and Speaker for Be The Beacon. Here's some information about Debbie: She is the Founder & CEO of Up Vibrations LLC, Mindset & Lifestyle Engineering to CEO's and Unapologetic Women Business Owners. Clients work with Debbie to master the steps of mindfulness so they can cultivate their own successes based in their passion while living an intentional & meaningful life on their personal soul track. Debbie is honored to have been recognized as an award winning Energy Body Vibration Coach , International Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author who is passionate about the clients success. Debbie has worked with hundreds of clients for the past 20 + years which led to their improved lives. Debbie is nationally certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, certified to teach Metaphysics and Meditation and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer Trailblazer. She has been trained with knowledge in the human energy field in areas of chakra balancing, vibrational medicine, channeling, death and dying, meditation, astrology and mindset work of infinite possibilities, working with clients on how to live the life of their dreams. She shares about all this & more on this outstanding inspirational episode! By the way: Hi! I'm Dr. Davia Shepherd, CHO of Ladies' Power Lunch - We are a movement for heart centered, source led women entrepreneurs. NETWORK WITH US ONLINE:- Join our community: In our active and supportive free Facebook community called: LADIES POWER LUNCH. We are there having heartfelt and meaningful conversation every single day! PLUS Join our retreats and summits! Would you like to know more? Explode your impact & income with the power of the collective!!! I invite you to join us for our upcoming LPL Summit. It is called Grow Smarter: Be the Beacon. It is a 2 day live virtual event and not to be missed. Want more information? Go to our Summit page. Go to:  

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