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Coding Bootcamps: What You Should Consider Before Signing Up

av Ladybug Podcast | Publicerades 1/25/2021

Episode Notes Coding bootcamps aim to help students gain the skills they need to land their first job in web development in months instead of years. Today we’ll be diving into some of the benefits and drawbacks of coding bootcamps, and we’ll explore our personal experiences learning from them and teaching at them. Shownotes [3:01] Our Bootcamp experiences [9:58] What are bootcamps [21:05] Benefits and drawbacks of bootcamps [42:29] What comes after the bootcamp [46:31] Shoutouts Resources Sidney's video on bootcamps - https://youtu.be/TTu8KQ1BdGs General Assembly - https://generalassemb.ly/ Emma’s DeCoding The Technical Interview Process - https://technicalinterviews.dev/ Launch Code - https://www.launchcode.org/ Savvy Coders - https://savvycoders.com/ Ladybug Learning how to Learn Episode - https://www.ladybug.dev/episodes/learning-to-learn Georgia Tech Masters Degree - https://www.cc.gatech.edu/ Coursera Degree Programs - https://www.coursera.org/degrees/bachelors Emma’s Technical Resume Course - https://www.linkedin.com/learning/writing-a-tech-resume Ladybug Portfolio Episode - https://www.ladybug.dev/episodes/technical-portfolios?rq=portfolio 200 Black women in tech to follow - https://hackernoon.com/200-black-women-in-tech-to-follow-on-twitter-2020-list-1uck31a9 Ladybug Technical Resume Episode - https://www.ladybug.dev/episodes/resumes?rq=resume Ladybug Podcast YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCakPieAEGG42zBuaf-qZCBA Transcript https://github.com/ladybug-podcast/ladybug-website/blob/master/transcripts/61-bootcamps.md

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We're Emma Bostian, Sidney Buckner, Kelly Vaughn, and Ali Spittel - four seasoned software developers working in different sectors. Since there's a major lack of technical podcasts out there, we've decided to start one. Just kidding -- there's already a ton! But, we wanted to add our voices to the space and share our experiences and advice. We'll have great discussions around how to start coding, the hot technologies right now, how to get your first developer job, and more!