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Getting Hooked on React

av Ladybug Podcast | Publicerades 10/5/2020

React is a frontend library that is in super high demand in the industry. But, it can be difficult to get up and running with. Today we’ll talk about with React: why it’s so great, how data flows, and the gotchas we encountered when learning it. Let’s get started! Shownotes 02:15 What is React? 06:35 Framework vs. Library 10:43 Why is it helpful? 12:32 What is a component? 22:52 React's lifecycle 25:47 Data in React 36:34 JSX 37:24 Setting up a React app 43:34 Shoutouts Resources JavaScript frameworks episode React lifecycle Design systems episode Tyler McGinnis React Kent Dodds Epic React Dave Ceddia React CodeSandbox.io A Complete Beginner's Guide to React Transcript Here is the transcript for this week's episode.

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