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Getting Started with Next.js

av Ladybug Podcast | Publicerades 1/18/2021

One of the hottest new technologies in the frontend ecosystem is Next.js. Why is it so awesome? And what can you use it for? In this episode we’ll be talking all about it. Show Notes 01:45 - What is Next.js 7:05 - What are some of its benefits 23:09 - SSG vs. SSR 27:38 - Routing 38:17 - Shoutouts Resources Ladybug YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCakPieAEGG42zBuaf-qZCBA Chris Enns https://www.lemonproductions.ca/ Teenage Bounty Hunters https://www.netflix.com/title/80244296 DEV Toast Post https://dev.to/ekafyi/a-bite-of-toast-the-new-jamstack-meta-framework-4nel Toast GitHub Repo https://github.com/toastdotdev/toast Next.js Documentation https://nextjs.org/ Next.js E-commerce Starter https://nextjs.org/commerce Gatsby https://www.gatsbyjs.com/ Nuxt.js https://nuxtjs.org/ Nest https://nestjs.com/ Transcript https://github.com/ladybug-podcast/ladybug-website/blob/master/transcripts/60-nextjs.md

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We're Emma Bostian, Sidney Buckner, Kelly Vaughn, and Ali Spittel - four seasoned software developers working in different sectors. Since there's a major lack of technical podcasts out there, we've decided to start one. Just kidding -- there's already a ton! But, we wanted to add our voices to the space and share our experiences and advice. We'll have great discussions around how to start coding, the hot technologies right now, how to get your first developer job, and more!