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Web Accessibility

av Ladybug Podcast | Publicerades 10/19/2020

Accessibility is the process of creating applications that are usable by everyone, especially focusing on those with disabilities. As web developers, it’s important that we design and build our applications to be usable by everyone, so in today’s episode, we’re joined by Wendy Fox, the design systems lead at LogMeIn, to discuss nine common pitfalls of application accessibility and what you can do to fix them. Show Notes 4:46 - Why should we care about accessibility? 8:43 - Types of accessibility 12:24 - Semantic HTML 16:37 - Virtually hiding content 17:57 - Aria label vs. labelledby 21:14 - The accessibility tree 23:50 - Focus states 27:29 - Color contrast 32:04 - Keyboard traps 35:02 - Animations 37:38 - Time based content 41:21 - Placeholders vs. labels 47:02 - Accessibility tools Tools Wendy Fox Twitter Google Lighthouse Axe accessibility checker Transcript Here is the transcript for this week's episode.

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