#156 — Balancing curiosity and focus as a startup founder: Parker Treacy, Cobli

Parker Treacy voyaged down from the US to Brazil back in 2014 for two reasons. First, for the adventure. Second, and that's in his own words, for being irrationally convinced that he'd be successful. In the end, Parker stuck the landing. He took his experience in the auto industry to create Cobli, a startup that builds technology for fleet management. Now, Cobli has over 5 thousand clients and investors such as Fifth Wall, the IFC, and SoftBank.In this episode, Parker and I talked about:- How to balance curiosity and focus as a startup founder;- The story of how Parker landed in Brazil and co-founded Cobli;- How to balance founders' and investors' interests, and the importance of product-channel fit.My name's Brian Requarth and this is the Latitud Podcast. Vamos, LatAm!Building good sh*t in Latin America?Find out how to pen your startup the right wayRequest early access to the Meridian international business account Or simply sign up for our newsletter for more content on navigating the LatAm startup ecosystem.Follow us on Linkedin / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify.

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