Waxing Canadian - with Brent Clark

with Brent Clark - Lighting Designer

On this episode, we discuss having the last show before COVID-19, lighting in Canada vs. USA vs. the rest of the world, work visas and work permits, the joys of border crossings, working with Stereophonics, e-Sports, information overload, credible news sources, the rebound of the entertainment industry, conspiracy theories and spending time with family.

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Stage and Theatrical Lighting in the modern world. Chris is a Designer Relations Developer for Ayrton Lighting, international touring lighting director, programmer and columnist who has dedicated his life to solving problems through pragmatic decision making and mindfulness. He strives to invoke emotion through color, atmosphere and beauty. This podcast takes time to share the unique philosophies, experiences and knowledge that have allowed him and his colleagues to succeed in the hard knocks business of rock 'n roll touring.