Credit Unions Driving Racial Equity

Credit Unions, at their core, have a strong commitment to service. But how do you scale the concept of serving your members to the broader community — even to the wider world of financial services? Our guest today believes that if you serve people passionately, you will ultimately move the entire industry forward toward more inclusivity and equity. In this episode, Renée Sattiewhite, President & CEO of the African American Credit Union Coalition, highlights her strategies for driving equity and bridging the racial wealth gap, addressing the housing and credit disparities, and ensuring access and fairness. Join us as Jeff and Renée discuss: Background of the African American Credit Union Coalition and its goalsThe scalability of service to your staff and membersHow to address equity gaps in the traditional banking systemOvercoming bias through community representation Want to learn more about how Upstart partners with credit unions? Check out this case study mentioned in the episode.

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