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S2 31 | Being Loyal to the Big Picture

av Leadership Impact | Publicerades 10/2/2019

Like curiosity, loyalty is another key to accountability. This may seem counterintuitive -- afterall, isn’t our loyalty to others what makes holding them to account difficult in the first place? Actually, we have a choice. We can be loyal to a person’s shortcomings (and suffer the impact). Or, we can choose to be loyal to a person’s capacity to grow and learn. We can be loyal to the mission we set out to accomplish together. We can be loyal to our their ability to reckon with the impact of their behavior and choose differently. And, we can do it all with compassion. Join Kari Granger and Paul Adams as they uncover what motivates our loyalties and how to elevate our loyalty to transform performance and relationships.

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Executive Coach and Founder of The Granger Network, Kari Granger and CEO of Sound Financial Group, Paul Adams, bring a fresh take to the executive conversations on performance and leadership. This show supports executives to achieve bold commitments and empower workforce performance. Leadership Impact engages listeners with new insights and practices for recurrent leadership challenges such as retaining talent, penetrating new markets, increasing accountability, developing leadership, taking a stand without losing your job, post-M&A culture clash, and more. Join us to expand your own leadership impact. Paul also hosts Your Business Your Wealth where Kari periodically makes guest appearances.