Leadership Impact

S3 41 | Thank You for the (Negative) Feedback

av Leadership Impact | Publicerades 4/15/2020

Feedback. Many of us cringe at even the thought of giving it—let alone receiving it. But navigating feedback is an absolutely critical skill for maintaining the health of our relationships and our organizations. When we sit on our feedback and refuse to share it, we sow the seeds of distrust. In this episode, Kari and Paul show how we can develop our capacity for giving and receiving feedback so that we actually look forward to those conversations as opportunities for alignment and co-creation.

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Executive Coach and Founder of The Granger Network, Kari Granger and CEO of Sound Financial Group, Paul Adams, bring a fresh take to the executive conversations on performance and leadership. This show supports executives to achieve bold commitments and empower workforce performance. Leadership Impact engages listeners with new insights and practices for recurrent leadership challenges such as retaining talent, penetrating new markets, increasing accountability, developing leadership, taking a stand without losing your job, post-M&A culture clash, and more. Join us to expand your own leadership impact. Paul also hosts Your Business Your Wealth where Kari periodically makes guest appearances.