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Episode 063 - David Michelson and Michelle Taylor

av Leading Lines | Publicerades 9/2/2019

On this episode of Leading Lines, we feature a conversation between a librarian, a faculty member, and a post-doc about a course two of them taught recently at Vanderbilt University focused on TEI, the Text Encoding Initiative. The course was team-taught by David Michelson, associate professor of the history of Christianity, and Michelle Taylor, a post-doctoral fellow in digital cultural heritage with a background in English literature. They’re interviewed by Leading Lines producer Cliff Anderson, who also happens to be the associate university librarian for research and digital initiatives. In Episode 11, Cliff also interviewed Kathryn Tomasek of Wheaton College about her use of TEI to teach her history students how to practice close reading. See the list below for a link to that conversation. In this interview, David and Michelle share their experiences with TEI, the roles digital tools play in their scholarly work, and the challenges and opportunities of teaching a graduate-level course in the digital humanities. • David Michelson’s website, https://my.vanderbilt.edu/michelson/ • @davidamichelson on Twitter, https://twitter.com/davidamichelson • @mmtaylor87 on Twitter, https://twitter.com/mmtaylor87 • Text Encoding Initiative, https://tei-c.org/ • Syriaca.org, http://syriaca.org/ • “Preserving the History of Syriac Christianity in the Middle East,” Vanderbilt Research News, https://news.vanderbilt.edu/2017/02/08/preserving-the-history-of-syriac-christianity-in-the-middle-east/ • Leading Lines Ep. 11: Kathryn Tomasek, http://leadinglinespod.com/episodes/episode-011-kathryn-tomasek/

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