Leading Lines

Episode 064 - Andrew Wesolek

av Leading Lines | Publicerades 9/16/2019

In this episode, Vanderbilt librarian Melissa Mallon brings us an interview with another Vanderbilt librarian about his new book on open educational resources. Andrew Wesolek is the director of digital scholarship and scholarly communication at the Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries at Vanderbilt University. He is also the co-author, along with Jonathan Lashley and Anne Langley, of the new book OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians, published in 2018 by Pacific University Press. OER stands for “open educational resources.” These are educational resources, including but not limited to textbooks, that are published in ways that allow students and instructors to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute them, all for free. In the interview, Andy makes the case for the value of open educational resources to higher education, in terms of both affordability and student learning, and he offers advice for faculty and librarians interested in getting started using and creating open educational resources. Links • OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians (Pacific University, 2018), https://commons.pacificu.edu/pup/3/ • Digital Scholarship and Communications Office (DiSC) at the Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries, https://www.library.vanderbilt.edu/scholarly/ • OpenStax, https://openstax.org/ • Directory of Open Access Journals, https://doaj.org/ • Leading Lines Ep. 36: Melissa Mallon, http://leadinglinespod.com/episodes/episode-36melissa-mallon/

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