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Episode 069 - Kelly Hogan And Viji Sathy

av Leading Lines | Publicerades 12/2/2019

Viji Sathy and Kelly Hogan both work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where they not only teach hundreds of students a year, but also support their fellow UNC educators in a variety of ways. Viji is a teaching associate professor in the department of psychology and neuroscience and special projects assistant to the senior associate dean of undergraduate education. Kelly is a STEM teaching professor in the department of biology and associate dean of the Office of Instructional Innovation. Their work inspiring and equipping educators extends far beyond UNC, however. You may have seem them in the Chronicle of Higher Education or the New York Times or the Atlantic, or heard them on the Teaching in Higher Education podcast with Bonni Stachowiak. Viji and Kelly have a way of talking about inclusive teaching strategies that helps faculty in all disciplines make meaningful changes in their teaching. Leading Lines host and producer, Derek Bruff, was lucky enough to steal a little bit of their time at the POD conference to ask them about the intersection of inclusive teaching and educational technology. Links • Viji Sathy’s website, https://sites.google.com/view/vijisathy/ • @vijisathy on Twitter, https://twitter.com/vijisathy • Kelly Hogan’s faculty page, https://bio.unc.edu/faculty-profile/hogan/ • @DrMrsKellyHogan on Twitter, https://twitter.com/DrMrsKellyHogan • Sathy & Hogan’s Chronicle of Higher Education guide to inclusive teaching, https://www.chronicle.com/interactives/20190719_inclusive_teaching • The POD Network, https://podnetwork.org/

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