Leading Lines

Episode 073 - Robert Elliott

av Leading Lines | Publicerades 2/17/2020

In this crossover episode with the podcast We Teach Languages, Leading Lines producer Stacey Johnson talks with Robert Elliott, associate director of the Northwest Indian Language Institute at the University of Oregon. The institute works with Native American tribes to support and strengthen language preservation and revitalization efforts. Robert helps teachers of indigenous languages through teacher training and curriculum development. Unlike those who work with more commonly spoken languages, Robert’s work also involves language documentation, often capturing tribal elders speaking endangered languages via video and audio. In his conversation with Stacey, Robert shares his path into this work, the role of technology in language revitalization, and the impact the work has on indigenous people. Links • Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI) at the University of Oregon, https://nili.uoregon.edu/ • Language Teaching Studies (NTS) at the University of Oregon, https://lts.uoregon.edu/ • Subtitle, a podcast about languages and the people who speak them, https://subtitlepod.com/ • We Teach Languages, a podcast about language teaching from the diverse perspectives of teachers, https://weteachlang.com/ • The We Teach Languages episode can be found as on Feb 21, 2020 at https://weteachlang.com/2020/02/21/135-with-robert-elliott/ • Leading Lines Ep. 5: Lee Forester & Bill VanPatten, https://leadinglinespod.com/episodes/episode-005-lee-forester-bill-vanpatten/ • Leading Lines Ep. 7: Lynn Ramey https://leadinglinespod.com/episodes/episode-007-lynn-ramey/ • Leading Lines Ep. 13: Tim Foster, https://leadinglinespod.com/episodes/episode-013-tim-foster/ • Leading Lines Ep. 44: Gabrielle Dillman, http://leadinglinespod.com/episodes/episode-44-gabriele-dillmann/ • Leading Lines Ep. 43: Ingeborg Walther, https://leadinglinespod.com/episodes/episode-045ingeborg-waltehr/ • Leading Lines Ep. 53: Kylie Korsnack, http://leadinglinespod.com/uncategorized/episode-053kylie-korsnack/

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