Leading Lines

Episode 078- Cynthia Brame

av Leading Lines | Publicerades 5/27/2020

We’re back with another episode exploring the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on higher education. This time we are speaking with one of Derek’s colleagues at the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching, Cynthia Brame, about the Online Course Design Institute that was launched in May to help Vanderbilt faculty get ready to teach online this summer and possibly this fall. Cynthia Brame was one of the designers of institute, and she’s been one of the institute facilitators since launching on May 4th. She’s an associate director at center and a principal senior lecturer in biological sciences, where she teaches a large-enrollment biochemistry course. At the center, she acts as liaison to the STEM departments on campus and leads the Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows program, among other duties. She’s also the author of the book Science Teaching Essentials: Short Guides to Good Practice, and prior to working at the center, she was associate professor and chair of biology at Centenary College in Louisiana. Links • Cynthia Brame’s website and blog, https://cynthiabrame.org/ • @CynthiaBrame on Twitter, https://twitter.com/CynthiaBrame • Science Teaching Essentials: Short Guides to Good Practice, https://www.elsevier.com/books/science-teaching-essentials/brame/978-0-12-814702-3 • Online Course Design Institute, https://cft.vanderbilt.edu/ocdi/

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