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Episode 092 Forrest Charnock

av Leading Lines | Publicerades 2/15/2021

Forrest Charnock is a senior lecturer in physics here at Vanderbilt University and the director of the undergraduate physics labs. Like other lab directors in 2020, Forrest had to get creative to adapt his labs to remote teaching and learning. In this episode, we’ll hear about his creativity in the interview, which was conducted by Thayer Walmsley, a doctoral student in physics here at Vanderbilt and a Teaching Affiliate at the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching. Links • Physics labs at Vanderbilt, https://my.vanderbilt.edu/physicslabs/ • iOLab Wireless Lab System, http://www.iolab.science/

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A podcast on creative, intentional, and effective uses of technology to enhance student learning, produced at Vanderbilt University