Adjusting to Living with my Boyfriend, How We Met & Overcoming Negativity

In my first podcast episode, I finally answer your questions about my boyfriend Andrew, how we met, and the adjustments of living in a small space with a significant other. In addition to that, I touch upon spirituality, China's invasion into Tibet, my goals, and how I overcame negativity from a fellow YouTuber!  Because there's no comment section :( I'll be making an IG post (@leahwei__) to open a discussion with you guys, hear your thoughts, converse with you all, and take note of your podcast topic suggestions. This podcast will also be posted onto my main YouTube channel: leahsfieldnotes, sometime this week to see which method you guys prefer!! Talk soooon xx

Om Podcasten

A weekly podcast sharing my spiritual, emotional, and ever-evolving journey as a 23-year-old Content Creator, Designer/Artist, and Adventurer! The episodes are completely candid, sometimes with a close friend, but mostly alone, discussing new findings, manifestations, hobbies, and fears of our newly adulting life.