Figuring out the next step in life, spirituality, living with subscribers?? ✨Uncut Candid

Just an annual existential crisis!💗! Discussing this restlessness that’s overcome me, feeling like I need to be somewhere else/learning something new/expanding into my next self, including a phone call with my very spiritual dad last night debating whether it’s the right time to move to China? Also touching upon my thoughts on the career trajectory of YouTubers, fear of judgement, Dolores Cannon, and a crazy video idea where I come live with you for a week??? Ends on a motivated note lol 🫂 Sending you a big squeezy hug! Hope to bump into more of you on the streets this summer! Love you 🥰

Om Podcasten

A weekly podcast sharing my spiritual, emotional, and ever-evolving journey as a 23-year-old Content Creator, Designer/Artist, and Adventurer! The episodes are completely candid, sometimes with a close friend, but mostly alone, discussing new findings, manifestations, hobbies, and fears of our newly adulting life.