Finding your path, creating habits, taking breaks, anxiety & recent insights ✨ (uncut candid)

Hi friends! Since so many of you guys enjoyed the last Uncut Candid, I am back again sharing my current emotions and thoughts while answering your questions you submitted on my last Instagram post (@leahsfieldnotes) We cover a lot of ground today, from taking breaks & burning out, the reason I started YT & changing life paths, to picking a college major & discussing whether finding your life’s purpose is overrated or essential. As well as an update on my attempt to motivate myself through setting simple habits/routines, how I become more extroverted/comfortable talking to strangers, and dealing with pressure/expectations from parents. Also just sharing with you the insights I’ve gained the path month from conversations with friends, podcasts and books!!! Excited for you guys to listen and share your thoughts! I love you guys❣️

Om Podcasten

A weekly podcast sharing my spiritual, emotional, and ever-evolving journey as a 23-year-old Content Creator, Designer/Artist, and Adventurer! The episodes are completely candid, sometimes with a close friend, but mostly alone, discussing new findings, manifestations, hobbies, and fears of our newly adulting life.