EP39|溝通, Communication - You're an Asian, not B-asian!

亞洲家庭其實有一個不太好的習慣,會習慣藉由貶低自己的孩子來激勵孩子變得更好。 我記得我小時候信心滿滿的拿自己的考卷給媽媽看,但是媽媽卻跟我說,「怎麼沒有滿分」。當時我非常難過,就跟母親很生氣的說「你為什麼要這樣講!你要鼓勵我!如果你想要讓我變得更好就要先讓我覺得自己做得很棒!」 藉由這樣的溝通,讓母親知道我需要「肯定的言語」才能前進。

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This podcast seeks to help you speak Chinese through intriguing stories. While you’re listening, don’t forget to “guess” the meanings of the unfamiliar words through the context provided, in order to get the "immersive learning experience." If you’re new to this podcast, please start with the latest episode! These episodes are not arranged on a difficulty level. Feel free to jump into any episode topic that interests you the most! Find Episode Archive here: https://freshjulie.medium.com/