Podcast 3: How To Embellish Your Chords, How To Jam With Other Guitarists, Understanding The Role of A Lead Guitarist, 3 Essential Guitar Scales, 'What Is Hybrid Picking?'

BOOM! Here's the 3rd episode of the 'Learn Guitar Podcast'. In this episode you will learn: How to embellish your chords and sound more musical in 3 easy steps. 3 essential scales which will kick start your lead guitar journey. Jamming Tips! 4 quick and easy ways to sound incredible when you play with other guitarists. The #1 practice secret that will turbo-charge your guitar progress. A cool picking technique which is used by country guitar gods. Show Segments 0:36 - Lead Lines (Lead Guitar Role & The 4 Pillars Of Lead Guitar Knowledge) 10:00 - Quick Chords (G Major 7 & How To Embellish Chords) 16:52 - Tips & Advice (How To Jam With Other Guitarists | How To Practice Effectively) 31:10 - Rhythm Section (Hybrid Picking) 34:45 - Theory Tips (Major Scales vs Minor Scales vs Pentatonics) 38:40 - One Last Thing (Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Banjos, Mandolins, 'It Might Get Loud' & Led Zep Reunion?) Download the BONUS PACK for this episode: http://www.nationalguitaracademy.com/podcast3 Visit our site for free guitar tips & video lessons: http://www.nationalguitaracademy.com

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The Learn Guitar podcast from the National Guitar Academy will make you a better guitarist by teaching you our best guitar tips and secrets for rapid progress. We SIMPLIFY the guitar world so you can make music and have fun as quickly as possible. We discuss chords and chord technique, we share lead guitar secrets, we tell you how to sound more rhythmic and musical and we also teach you music theory. ‘Lead Lines’ is the part of the show when we discuss lead guitar techniques, scales, riffs, solos and secondary guitar techniques. ‘Quick Chords’ is the part of the show when we discuss chords & chord technique. ‘Tips & Advice’ is the part of the show when we answer your questions about guitar & music culture. If you’ve got a question for us please email us at “podcast@nationalguitaracedemy.com” and we’ll try our best to help you out. ‘Rhythm Section’ is the part of the show when we discuss how to boost your rhythmic ability to make your guitar playing sound more musical. ‘Theory Tips’ is the part of the show when we share some bite-sized music theory tips. ‘One Last Thing’ is the part of the show when we leave you with a parting gift; something randomly cool or interesting about music or guitar culture. Bonus Packs For each podcast we create a ‘bonus pack’ that expands on what we’ve discussed in the episode. Each bonus pack includes video lessons, diagrams, chordboxes and practice materials, that build on the things we’ve discussed in the podcast. (There's only so much we can explain through audio. Sometimes it's easier to SHOW you stuff and that's when the bonus packs come in handy.)