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LJS 198: 3 Steps for Hearing Chords (Ear Training Masterclass)

av Learn Jazz Standards Podcast | Publicerades 12/16/2019

Welcome to episode 198 of the LJS Podcast where I go over my 3 step process for learning to hear chords. Being able to hear different chord qualities is important for being able to hear chord progressions, which of course is important for learning jazz standards. It's also important for our improvisation as well, so I show you a great method for training your ears to hear any chord.
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When it comes to becoming a great jazz improviser, we need to have awesome rock solid ears. And when it comes to becoming a great jazz improviser, we need to learn jazz standards so that we can improvise over them.
To learn jazz standards, we need to be able to hear chord progressions and recognize chord progressions. And in order to be able to hear chord progressions, we need to be able to recognize what individual chords sounds like.
So in today's episode, I want to be diving deep into my 3-step process for training our ears to hear any chord.

In this episode:
1. Step 1: Chord Recognition
2. Step 2: Singing the arpeggios with a reference note
3. Step 3: Singing chord tones with a reference chord

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