35- Let's celebrate Black History month

In this episode, we'll explore different musical styles, musical artists, and ways to celebrate Black History month.  In this episode, I mention using books, listening to music, and experiencing different styles and genres of music. Sign up for the Learn Piano At Home course here. Check out the blog, resources, and other content to help your child learn music on this page.  I’d love for you to leave a rating and a review of the podcast on I-tunes, share the podcast with any music teacher friends who would find it helpful, and be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook

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On the Learn Music Together podcast, you'll get helpful strategies and ideas for you to help your child thrive in learning music. Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm passionate about bringing music education to kids, whether in a classroom or home setting. This podcast will include tips for learning music at home or online in a variety of different ways.