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Let's Pod it Out Episode 16 - "Oh, Mandy!" feat. Brett Erlich

Nando and Miguel are joined by Brett Erlich (@bretterlich), the host of "Happy Half Hour" on The Young Turks network. Together they breakdown Entourage S2E8 "Oh, Mandy" aka The Mandy Moore episode. Before being an internet star, Brett actually worked in the agency world so he brings a very unique insight to the show. The boys finally get some financial relief as the first 2 million dollar check for Aquaman arrives. But now the studio has to choose which actress plays Aquagirl and James Cameron's favorite is none other than Pop Star Mandy Moore. The problem is that Vince and Mandy had a fling when they did "A Walk to Remember" and things got a little ugly. Meanwhile Johnny Drama is pissed off that the boys move to Malibu because it's harder for him to get to auditions. That all changes when he lands an audition for a Hallmark Channel Movie of the Week starring Joe Mantegna. Here is the official HBO description: "One of the names on the short list to play 'Aquagirl' exposes a secret from Vince's past that makes Eric feel slighted. Ari gets bumped from an important list. Drama and Turtle try to enjoy their temporary new house."

Om Podcasten

Welcome Friends to Let's Pod it Out: An Entourage Podcast, hosted by Nando Vila (@nandorvila) and Miguel Tamayo (who is too cool for twitter). Why Entourage you ask? Well, it's because Entourage is the perfect window to our recent past to see just how much things have changed in the last 10-15 years. Listen in to take a trip down memory lane, have a couple laughs, and appreciate just how young and dumb we all were in the mid aughts.