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Let's Pod it Out Episode 17 - "I Love You Too" feat. Steve Hely

Miguel and Nando are joined by Steve Hely (@helytimes) to break down S2E9 "I Love You Too". Steve is a real-life Hollywood writer, having written for shows like Veep, American Dad, and Late Night with David Letterman. He's also, crucially, a podcaster. On this episode thee gang heads to Comic-Con!!!! Vince is still worked up about the fact that Mandy Moore is engaged and thus unavailable. Drama re-unites with a former Viking Quest co-star and the sparks fly. Meanwhile E has to try and appease a very powerful nerd blogger who is threatening to tank Aquaman before it even comes out. Oh, and there's porn stars in this episode.Miguel, Nando, and Steve go off on several tangents, including the 2001 film "Swordfish" and the original Punk'd. Here is the official HBO description: "Vince makes a splash at a convention with his new co-star. When neither Eric nor Shauna can appease a bitter journalist, Turtle sends a pair of professionals to the rescue. Ari gives Drama a rockin' birthday gift."

Om Podcasten

Welcome Friends to Let's Pod it Out: An Entourage Podcast, hosted by Nando Vila (@nandorvila) and Miguel Tamayo (who is too cool for twitter). Why Entourage you ask? Well, it's because Entourage is the perfect window to our recent past to see just how much things have changed in the last 10-15 years. Listen in to take a trip down memory lane, have a couple laughs, and appreciate just how young and dumb we all were in the mid aughts.