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Let's Pod it Out Episode 19 - "Blue Balls Lagoon" feat. Ben Burgis

Miguel and Nando are BACK after a brief hiatus. And you know what? They're back better than ever because they are joined by the brilliant Ben Burgis (@benburgis) to break down Entourage S2E11 "Blue Balls Lagoon". The boys are reeling because Vince is now OFFICIALLY with Mandy Moore. They smell trouble and it only gets worse when the press finds out about the secret relationship. Drama is excited because he's doing a Movie of the Week with Brooke Shields, while Ari scrambles to keep his client happy while his boss Terence tries to poach him. Stick around til the end of the episode to hear which Entourage character Ben would radicalize using "logic" and "facts". Here is the official HBO description:"Vince receives courting lessons from Terrance and a valuable gift from Ari, Shauna flips over a press leak, and Eric gets attention--and ammo--from Terrance's daughter Sloan. Meanwhile, Drama grows overexcited about a co-star, and Turtle plays ambassador for Vince."

Om Podcasten

Welcome Friends to Let's Pod it Out: An Entourage Podcast, hosted by Nando Vila (@nandorvila) and Miguel Tamayo (who is too cool for twitter). Why Entourage you ask? Well, it's because Entourage is the perfect window to our recent past to see just how much things have changed in the last 10-15 years. Listen in to take a trip down memory lane, have a couple laughs, and appreciate just how young and dumb we all were in the mid aughts.