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Let's Pod it Out Episode 26 - "Guys and Doll"

Late night on a Friday drop for all you weekend warriors out there getting LIT. This episode Nando and Armenian Greg talk about Entourage S3E4 "Guys and Doll", AKA the episode where Vince tries to get MEDELLIN but Dom puts the whole thing in Jeopardy.

Om Podcasten

Welcome Friends to Let's Pod it Out: An Entourage Podcast, hosted by Nando Vila (@nandorvila) and Miguel Tamayo (who is too cool for twitter). Why Entourage you ask? Well, it's because Entourage is the perfect window to our recent past to see just how much things have changed in the last 10-15 years. Listen in to take a trip down memory lane, have a couple laughs, and appreciate just how young and dumb we all were in the mid aughts.