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Episode 04: Struggles of Migration, Bullying, Nike Athletes, Gamification of Education |Juliana Lua

av Let's Talk with Mo Hasan | Publicerades 3/3/2019

Juliana is currently working a designer for a top insurance company focusing on User Experience but she’s an incredibly talented, drawer, painter and photographer. She’s also designed games for children with learning disabilities to learn fundamental skills such as budgeting. We discuss the following: (1) Struggles of migrating from Malaysia to the UK (2)Bullying (3) Following your passions regardless of other people’s opinions (4) Being selected by Nike to attend an all expenses paid trip to the canary islands to train with professional athletes (5) The gamification of education and so much more! Instagram: @Mohasan92

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Welcome to the "Let's Talk with Mo Hasan" Podcast. I aim to inform, inspire and innovate. I'll be discussing everything from "Current Affairs" to building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Here you'll find my podcast "Let's Talk with Mo Hasan". Instagram: @Mohasan92