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Episode 9| Life Lessons of a DJ: Finding Mentors, Self-Transformation, and Relationships| Bassem

av Let's Talk with Mo Hasan | Publicerades 8/13/2019

My guest, Bassem, a Nigerian-Lebanese DJ, and one of the most grounded and self-aware people I’ve met... began his journey, as a little fat kid that fell in love with music in his room. Initially in it for the girls, he kept practicing, and four years later he’s DJing at massive events such as Waribana. Bassem is a man of many talents, and he’s just opened a restaurant in Nigeria with mum. Sit back and get to know the real DJTBillz – we discuss everything from “finding a mentors”, “overcoming anxiety”, “losing friends”, “Social Media personas”, “Rebuilding Africa” and much more. I guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two from this man! Find me on: Find me here: Instagram: @MoHasan92 Twitter: @MoHasan92 Blog: MoHasan.net Email: LetstalkwithMoHasan@gmail.com @MoHasan92 ITunes: apple.co/2ZqGFvG

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