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Living in the Rainforest, Love Languages and Rebuilding Friendships with Ameena Majeed

av Let's Talk with Mo Hasan | Publicerades 4/19/2020

Ameena's journey could form the basis of a survival guide for social isolation and readjustment during these uncertain times. We spoke about: Her uncanny ability to recognise the species of birds just by listening to their calls; the five love languages; finding new hobbies; rebuilding friendships and finding her niche despite not being academic at university. Love Languages: https://bit.ly/2VmgEhf Sulawesi owl: https://bit.ly/3bmk3Cm Operation Wallacea: https://www.opwall.com Find me on: ITunes: https://apple.co/2ZqGFvG Instagram: @MoHasan92 Twitter: @MoHasan92 Blog: MoHasan.net Email: LetstalkwithMoHasan@gmail.com Soundcloud.com/MoHasan92

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