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Biden Promotes COVID Shot with Beauty Influencers

Joe Biden sits down with Beauty Influencers to talk about Makeup & push the COVID shot. Instead of addressing unemployment rising, the border crisis, war in the Middle East, or our country crumbling, he found it more fitting to sit down and discuss makeup. In this episode, I discuss the pandering and political theater being put on by this administration. I dive into the hypocrisy of the beauty industry that tells conservatives they should remain quiet unless they are speaking in favor of Biden. Let's get into it!Thank you to everyone who continues to show love and support. God Bless!- Instagram: AmandaEnsing- Telegram: MakeMakeupGreatAgain.comSupport the show (

Om Podcasten

Do you value Truth and Freedom? Are you tired of following the mainstream? Amanda Ensing is a Beauty Guru who decided it was time to speak up and go against the grain. It is time to "cancel"cancel culture and speak truth even when it's not popular. Join this Podcast on Tuesdays and Thursdays for unfiltered truth and discussions on faith, politics, business, & more!