Data Value and Privacy: Win-Win

How do we design applications for the highest utility for individuals? Do we always need to share data or can we include the data value in that utility and have it remain with the individual? In this podcast episode we explore how with former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, who in addition to serving three terms as Commissioner, created the Privacy by Design Framework utilized all over the world today.  In this episode we discuss: How value can be created by utilizing privacy preserving methods and computation What types of approaches organizations are taking  Consumer sentiment and interest, who cares about their data and how its utilized How engineers and device developers can build new innovations and unlock even more value

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Welcome to the Liberty. Equality.Data. podcast series which aims to foster the discussions about the value that individuals can get from their data. We invite industry leaders and pioneers to talk about the most recent developments in different industries, the opportunities with the user-held data and an open data market.