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024. "My body craves more fasting hours": Laurie

Laurie Lewis is a certified health and intermittent fasting coach. She uses the fasting principles of Gin Stephens, Dr. Jason Fung, and Dr. Bert Herring. We chat about her childhood in the 70s, her mom's attitude to diets, and her love for diet soda at college. All through her 20s, Laurie says, she felt like she was in a fog. She just didn't feel good... and she listened to her intuition. And stopped. She wasn't aware of how foods and drinks made her feel at the time, but then in her mid-thirties she started loving fresh veggies, not sweet flavours. She developed a taste for bitter flavours.She also learned to love feeling vibrant and energetic and healthy! Now she knows what's happening in her body when she eats sugar, and she can help her clients become more aware too.Laurie specializes in intermittent fasting and appetite correction. We talk about changing your habits, and the peace and freedom of the intermittent fasting lifestyle.You can find Laurie here: download your simple guide to get more energy with less sugar, go here:

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Welcome to Life After Sugar: Stories to Inspire, with Netta Gorman. The podcast that's not just about sugar, but about your relationship with it, and especially with yourself. This podcast is for you if you know that you need to cut down sugar, but you're not sure where to start, and you're feeling tired, sluggish, and overwhelmed because sugar seems to be everywhere. Get back your energy, lose your extra weight and the stiffness in your joints, get your digestion back on track, without feeling like you're depriving yourself of anything or being on a diet! Here you'll hear inspiring stories of people who cut out sugar in their own way, at their own pace, and for their own reasons. I hope that this podcast will inspire you to discover your life after sugar too! For more details, visit the Life After Sugar website at