165. "My sleep improved when I stopped eating sugar": Noreen

When Noreen joined the Freedom from Cravings Formula 90-day program, she was struggling with various health challenges, including diverticulitis and poor sleep.

She is now experimenting to learn what foods truly agree with her body, making gradual, lasting changes rather than drastic shifts.

As she tracked her sleep data,  Noreen discovered that her deep sleep increased dramatically after eliminating sugar. This strong motivation led her to continue abstaining from her trigger foods.

Now Noreen pays close attention to how foods affect her headaches, energy levels and sleep. She's willing to remove items that don't serve her. In the Freedom from Cravings Formula program, she's learning to embrace and prioritize her own needs with patience and compassion so that she can reduce anxiety and improve her sleep... and finally feel peace around food.

To get personalized guidance from me, plus support and accountability in a small group, so that you can  get rid of cravings, slim down, and finally feel in control around food... join the 90-day program, Freedom from Cravings Formula.

Want to transform your relationship with sugar and start living your craving-free life with confidence TODAY? Get group support, encouragement, and the accountability you need to get rid of your cravings! Join our private monthly membership, the After Sugar Club!

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