Episode Three: The “Golden Period” of Pregnancy

In this episode, Rhian looks forward to the “golden period” of pregnancy where many of the unpleasant aspects of early pregnancy start to disappear. Rhian also finds out more about perinatal mental health, and asks how common is it to develop a mental health problem during pregnancy? Featuring Antonio Sierra, consultant midwife, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS...

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Welcome to Life before Birth, the podcast that follows the pregnancy journey of one woman and through her story to examines the anxieties, fears, hopes and harsh realities faced by every woman and partner trying to have a child. Life Before Birth is a story of the gradual loss of power women face as their personal plan for how they carry and birth their baby is displaced by the medical and social realities. With unprecedented access to NHS doctor and midwife appointments, Life before Birth gives a behind the curtains look at the tough decisions a mum to be faces throughout her journey. Coupled with expert interviews and in-the-moment diary recordings, the podcast give the most complete and untold story of pregnancy.