Jean Barrett Quinn - Women in Business

Jean and I work together in the wedding industry and share similar values when it comes to running our businesses along with our family lives. It's been a process learning how to manage it and it involves setting boundaries, going for it and being sure of your worth. In this episode we just have one of those deep chats about it all. If you'd like to find out more about Jean and her wonderful work as a Humanist celebrant, make sure to follow her here and check out her website. If you enjoy the podcast and would like to find out more, share or chat about anything we talked about, head to instagram. I'm always at the end of a DM. 

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A podcast of honest conversations about life as a woman in modern times. Covering Mum Life, Bride Life, Wife Life and life as a Boss Lady; we're getting real and delving into the labels that define women right now.