Questioning the status quo, faith and learning about ourselves with Nikcollette from the Nurturing Nook

Trigger Warning: Mention of suicide and mental illness. In this episode we go DEEP with the incredible Nikcollette from the Nurturing Nook. We discuss everything from Grey's Anatomy to manifesting and how they are actually linked. We also talk about faith. What does this faith look like on the day to day? How can we show up for ourselves and live our best life because as we discuss, we only have one.  And it's happening right now. If you've ever felt like there was something more to life, then this one is for you. 

Om Podcasten

A podcast of honest conversations about life as a woman in modern times. Covering Mum Life, Bride Life, Wife Life and life as a Boss Lady; we're getting real and delving into the labels that define women right now.