What is Self-Compassion

Self-compassion isn't indulging in our laziness or choosing to stay home from work because we don't feel like going. Join contemplative psychotherapist Maggie Kelly as she takes you on a deep dive into what Self-Compassion is and is not.  www.maggiekelly.com

Om Podcasten

What's stopping you from living the life you envision? Old stories? Engrained and conditioned limiting beliefs? Tune in to the Life Illuminated podcast for inspiring stories shared by people just like you who have taken the leap to recreate and reinvent their lives and confront the roadblocks and obstacles standing in their way. Weekly episodes will inspire you to live a life illuminated by awakening to your innate gifts and talents. In her unique way, Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach and Meditation Teacher Maggie will inspire you with engaging and thought-provoking interviews as well as dharma talks of Buddhist and other spiritual teachings certain to challenge you to reconnect to your innermost self. www.satsanghouse.com or www.maggiekelly.com