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Life In Dub #3 with Macka B

av Life In Dub Podcast with Steve Vibronics | Publicerades 1/29/2020

My guest this week is Macka B, someone who has recorded in 2 different Vibronics Dub Cupboard studio locations. I travelled over to Wolverhampton in the West Midlands to sit down with Macka and talk about his life in Dub & Reggae. Macka is a great talker and our conversation covered many topics including his early begins in music, his TV appearances and even Beyonce’s mum ... enjoy!www.lifeindub.com 

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Talking to people who live their lives in Dub & Reggae. A series of in depth interviews with artists, sound systems, promoters and all kinds of people that have spent their lives in the world of Dub & Reggae. It's hosted by Steve from Vibronics, who has been producing Roots Reggae Dub for over 20 years, runs the SCOOPS Records label and performs regularly all over the world.