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Life In Dub #5 with Mark Iration

av Life In Dub Podcast with Steve Vibronics | Publicerades 2/26/2020

My guest this week is Mark Iration. I drove up to the High Rise Studio in Leeds where we sat down to talk about how he started out in music, the birth of Iration Steppas and how Mark and the crew evolved into one of the most successful & highly influential sound systems out there. I’ve known Mark a long time, so it was great to sit down and talk through his life in dub and hear about buying records in long since closed record shops and being king of the ghetto blaster in

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Talking to people who live their lives in Dub & Reggae. A series of in depth interviews with artists, sound systems, promoters and all kinds of people that have spent their lives in the world of Dub & Reggae. It's hosted by Steve from Vibronics, who has been producing Roots Reggae Dub for over 20 years, runs the SCOOPS Records label and performs regularly all over the world.