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Life In Dub #6 with Russ Disciple

av Life In Dub Podcast with Steve Vibronics | Publicerades 3/11/2020

This week my guest is Russ D of The Disciples, one of the founders of the UK Dub & Roots sound from the late 1980s right up to now. I interviewed Russ over the phone, so please excuse the odd audio glitch - i'm sure it won’t stop you from enjoying this fascinating insight into Russ and his musical journey.

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Talking to people who live their lives in Dub & Reggae. A series of in depth interviews with artists, sound systems, promoters and all kinds of people that have spent their lives in the world of Dub & Reggae. It's hosted by Steve from Vibronics, who has been producing Roots Reggae Dub for over 20 years, runs the SCOOPS Records label and performs regularly all over the world.