EP04: Starting a Niche Law Practice will give you more balance and more bang for your buck!

On this episode of Life, Law and Little ones, Ebony will be sharing how developing a niche law practice can provide more work life balance and more financial growth. Are you tired of being the jack of all trades and master of none? On this episode you will learn, how developing a Niche law practice will help you build a brand for yourself and make you a subject matter expert in your field. Learn how to earn the respect from your clients and colleagues by becoming an expert in an area of law that you love. Learn how you can make money and grow financially, by not reinventing the wheel but by focusing and becoming an expert in one thing. On this episode, you will learn tips and how others have been able to find balance while getting more bang for their buck!

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The Life, Law and Little ones podcast is the ultimate guide to helping mothers find balance in life, law and business, while raising little ones and raising their bottom line. Join Attorney, Professor, Entrepreneur, and Mother of 5, Ebony Anuforo every week as she shares tips on how to balance career and motherhood while living the life you deserve.