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Episode 11: How Does Perfectionism Show Up for YOU?

When you picture a perfectionist, you may not think of yourself. But perfectionism takes many forms, and you might be falling into it more than you realize. This episode will help you recognize it—and release it. (Because... constantly striving for excellence is exhausting!)   Additional segments:  Try-on session: Today I encourage you to try this thought on for size: “Personality isn’t permanent.” You are capable of meaningful change. What matters most: How picturing your deathbed (yep! your deathbed) can bring your relationships into focus.   Resources:   Personality Isn't Permanent, a great book by Benjamin Hardy. The Introverted Moms Club, my Facebook group for, well, introverted moms! Connect with Erica at or on Instagram @thelifeonpurposemovement If you enjoyed the show, please take three seconds to leave a rating! Thank you!

Om Podcasten

Welcome to Life On Purpose with Erica Layne, a podcast to help overwhelmed women find focus and peace. I’m Erica, founder of The Life On Purpose Movement, bestselling author, and a mom of three. I know what it’s like to get so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that you forget to meet your own. Through this podcast, I want to give you full permission to slow down, let go, invest in yourself, and believe that you are enough just as you are.