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Episode 14: 7 Deep Breaths: 7 Truths for Being a Human in a Messy World

Brené Brown says that wholeheartedness is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. Here are seven simple truths to help you on your journey to becoming your most wholehearted, authentic self.   Additional Segments:   Try-on session: A thought to help you through this unusual, pandemic holiday season Decluttering tip: Did you know that kids are more creative with fewer toys? Here’s the research.   Resources: Join me for a free, 3-day decluttering challenge starting December 1st! Sign up for the Toy Cleanse here! Take a look at The Authenticity Calendar; it makes the perfect gift. Got an idea for a segment? Email me at   Connect on Instagram: @thelifeonpurposemovement

Om Podcasten

Welcome to Life On Purpose with Erica Layne, a podcast to help overwhelmed women find focus and peace. I’m Erica, founder of The Life On Purpose Movement, bestselling author, and a mom of three. I know what it’s like to get so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that you forget to meet your own. Through this podcast, I want to give you full permission to slow down, let go, invest in yourself, and believe that you are enough just as you are.